Information Society

At Innovalia, we are aware of the importance of ICT development nowadays. ICTs provide us with services and tools fundamental in our daily lives -at home, at work, in our places of recreation, in transport-. That’s why in Innovalia, three companies focus their efforts in the information society:

SQS is the leading company in software quality consultancy services. Their products and services are focused on the quality assurance of our customers' software products and developments.

Nextel S.A. is a Telematic Engineering company that offers advanced technology and consultancy services to the business world. They are specialised in offering the best solutions based on the new technologies, systems optimisation and information security.

CBT is a communication engineering company that offers added value solutions in the area of communication and new technologies, putting to its reach the last developments in mobile services. CBT has a wide experience in event management and organization, as well as developing marketing strategies and campaigns.


  • TECHNARTE 2013- International conference on art and technology
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  • QA&TEST 2013- International conference on Testing and Software Quality on Embedded Systems
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